Site Aquisition

“We have a constant requirement for land and conversion opportunities in the right locations across Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and South Somerset. This is the cornerstone of our business”!
We are always looking for new opportunities. From building plots created in large sub-divided gardens to the assembly of land from several owners and the conversion of historic listed buildings, we have a proven track record in delivering planning results and imaginative schemes in a timely fashion.

If you own any land or buildings that you think might be suitable for development or conversion please contact us. We will carry out an assessment of the development potential, without charge or obligation. If we consider your site to be viable we will be happy to discuss various alternatives for bringing the scheme forward, including outright purchase, conditional agreement or a joint venture, tailoring the deal to work for all parties.

We are prepared to invest our time, expertise and funds into obtaining planning permission and have the experience and tenacity to obtain consent for even the most difficult sites. We are known for our innovative solutions to all types of planning problems and our flexible approach to dealing with land owners. We endeavor to maximize value and produce schemes in which all stakeholders can be proud of their involvement.

Many sites experience a wide variety of issues such as contamination, flood risk, highway access or restrictive covenants. With our legal and technical knowledge and a team of seasoned professionals we are usually able to provide a solution to ensure that a workable and viable development can take place.

We don’t use standard house types and evaluate each site carefully to arrive at the correct design solution ensuring that our homes fit seamlessly with their surroundings.

“You have everything to gain!”